Homeschool Plans…Step One…Scope and Sequence

So I just installed a countdown widget on my blog for the first day of school. 22 DAYS!! Where did the summer go?? Here in South Carolina the obvious answer would be that the summer got flooded out. The Noah’s Ark jokes are wearing thin. Now, in the old days, I had the usual stuff to get done before school starts. Shopping for new clothes, school supplies…but now that I am homeschooling, I have a whole new list to get done. Preparing for homeschool.

I homeschool under Option 3 here in South Carolina, meaning that I am under a homeschool association. There are certain things that I have to do to be legal. The subjects that are absolutely mandatory to teach under the law are Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. Beginning in the 7th grade, Literature and Composition replace Reading and Writing. You have to keep a plan book, containing lesson plans, attendance, and grades, and you have to keep a portfolio of your child’s work. My homeschool association does not require standardized testing until high school.

So those are the rules. When I jumped in to homeschool, I had no clue what I was doing. Thanks to some great friends and the internet, I have gotten it mostly figured out. The planning boils down to six steps.

Step One: Scope and Sequence
Step Two: Yearly Course of Study
Step Three: Make a Working Plan Book
Step Four: Make a Master Plan Book
Step Five: Make a Portfolio
Step Six: Make Lesson Plans

To start planning, I went backwards. When I started homeschooling, my son, Cooper, was in the sixth grade. He wants to go to the Citadel. I printed out the entrance requirements for the Citadel, and the South Carolina requirements for graduation.


I printed out Donna Young’s High School Course of Study Checklist. I filled that out according to the SC and Citadel requirements. I then printed out Donna Young’s Course of Study. Donna Young is an incredible resource for homeschool planning! I filled out what Cooper needed to take in high school, and then I worked backwards again. I made myself a Scope and Sequence page, filling out what Cooper would take from the 6th grade to the 12th grade.scope sequence

Next post, Step Two: Yearly Course of Study.



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