Junk 101: Oil Lamps

I think oil lamps are a great thing to collect. Not the fancy, schmancy Victorian, Gone With The Wind ones. I can’t afford those. I am talking about the glass ones that were in every home. Even the Ingalls on … Continue reading


Junk 101: Office Supplies

I don’t know if it is because of Mad Men, but retro/vintage office supplies from the 1920’s to the 1960’s are really hot right now. They are really inexpensive, and easy to find at the flea market and at thrift … Continue reading


Junk 101: Soda Bottles

After my husband and I had been married a couple of years, I found his dirty little secret in the top of his closet. I can’t believe he hid this from me! He says that he has been collecting soda … Continue reading


Junk 101: Baby Ben Clocks

I haven’t gotten to go to the flea market in FOREVER! It seems like every weekend either my 12 year old son has a baseball tournament, or it is raining. So Sunday while my 15 year old was at symphony … Continue reading


31 Days of Junk

one dollar cottage


This year I am joining the 31 Days Challenge at The Nesting Place blog.


It is a really cool challenge…you write about one topic for 31 days straight. It’s not easy to think about something that you would want to spend that much time on! For me, it was pretty easy to decide on my topic…JUNK! Any of my regular readers know that I live for my junk. I will be sharing my finds, and giving some advice and information about junking and collecting.

I will be keeping an index of all 31 days on this page. Hopefully it will be fun for all of us!

Day 1. Flea Market 101

Day 2, Thrift Store 101

Day 3, Canning Jars

Day 4. Insulators

Day 5, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys

Day 6, Vintage Shakers and Range Sets

Day 7, Jadeite

Day 8, Coffee Cups

Day 9, Flow Blue

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Junk 101: Mixing Bowls

Anyone who takes a look at my kitchen cabinets knows that I have a thing for bowls. I do cook a lot, but there is no logical reason for me to have so many. I just love them. Some of … Continue reading


Junk 101: Composer Busts

I started collecting these composer busts for my son, Riley. Riley is a cellist, and plays 6 or 7 other instruments, so I thought this would be a great collection for him. I thought it was kind of funny when … Continue reading


Junk 101: Hen on a Nest

These are a collectible that I am starting to see everywhere! I only have a couple…so far. The problem with these is that the genuinely old ones you find are really expensive, and if you look really hard at the … Continue reading


Junk 101: 1973 Looney Tunes Pepsi Glasses

I think most people can remember having a favorite glass when they were young. For most of us, that glass was from a fast food restaurant, or a jelly jar. When I was little, I had a Grimace glass from … Continue reading


Junk 101: Tupperware Tumblers aka the Uncle Si Tea Glass

i thought it was really funny when I started watching Duck Dynasty, and saw Uncle Si carrying around a Tupperware tumbler like my grandparents had. My grandfather used to carry one with him in his truck. I remembered how much … Continue reading