Junk Report…2/17/14

Not a huge week for junk.  As many of you know, we had Snowmageddon 2014 here in South Carolina last week, so I didn’t get to the flea market.  I did go thrift shopping, but the pickings were pretty slim!

1. 2 red Pyrex refrigerator dishes, no lids…

2. 3 Fire King peach lustre custard cups

3. A Big Top peanut butter glass! Woo hoo!

4. A Pyrex lid for 25 cents!

5. A milk glass casserole cover for 50 cents!


6. A new but cute cow pitcher with a banged up ear

7. New candlesticks, but for a 25 cents each, they could be useful


8. Book of Etiquette, for a dollar I thought, why not?

9. 1909 edition of “The Care and Feeding of Children”…in great condition


So not a horrible week, but hopefully next week will be better!


Happy Junking!


Grocery Shopping and Free Printables!

This year I am doing a weekly series every Monday on organizing. There is a great book that I found on Amazon, organize now, by Jennifer Ford Berry. The thing I really love about this book is that it is broken up in to weeks. There is a project for every week of the year, plus a few more.

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Project Life Week 6

I can’t believe I have stuck to something for six weeks in a row.

I am still loving the A Bowl Full of Lemons challenge for the Project Life Facebook group…


Here is that side of my layout.  Yes, I forgot to take one!


And my regular side…


Now I need to take some pictures of the the winter storm for next week!


Snowmageddon 2014

Here in South Carolina we are in the beginning stages of what is being called a storm of “epic” proportions. I know those not from the South don’t quite get why we are absolutely crippled by winter weather, but it doesn’t happen that often, and when it does, we just don’t have the resources to deal with it. 

My hubby is in Saudi Arabia, so the boys and I are having to go this alone.  With a loaded shotgun, of course.  I have stocked up on groceries so that I can make milk sandwiches.  To prepare for power outages, I have frozen milk jugs of water in my freezer, have the gas logs ready, have lamp oil and new wicks in my great grandmother’s oil lamps, and gas in the generator. The laundry is done, dishwasher run, and electronic devices charged.  Bring it on!


What’s Cooking Wednesday…Weekly Menu Plan

We have some major winter weather going on here in South Carolina!

While I was planning this week’s menu I tried to keep the weather in mind.  I included some foods I could cook in the fireplace just in case our power went out!

Here is my plan.  Items in red are not low carb, and are extras for the boys. Mama will abstain!