Friday Favorites…February Birchbox

Has everyone heard of Birchbox?

According to their website, “Birchbox is the leading discovery commerce platform. We are redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market.”

Basically, you pay $10 a month to receive a box of products every month. I had been reading about it on lots of blogs, and decided to give it a try. I got my second one last week!

Birchbox ships via UPS Mail Innovations and generally takes about 3-4 days to arrive to me. Birchbox ships their boxes in batches, so all box #10′s go out at the same time, all #2′s go out at the same time, etc. They don’t necessarily ship in order, so box #10′s could arrive after people who received box #50 got theirs.

Birchbox updates their website with the contents of the box on the 10th of the month and I try not to peek. I know some people get their boxes before the 10th, so they can’t be spoiled even if they want to, but I don’t think that has ever happened to me.

My February 2014 Birchbox was Box #50. To find out what box # you got, go into your account and click on “Box” and then “Women’s Box”. Scroll down to the “Box History” section and then click on “February 2014″. The last number in your URL is your box number (mine says “bb50″ – meaning I have Box #50). You can even review products for points to apply to future purchases.

The February 2014 Birchbox theme was “Step and Repeat” and was a partnership between Birchbox and the Beauty Editors of US Weekly to share some of the expert’s red carpet secrets. Here is what was included in my box:

Serge Normant Dry Conditioner
The dry conditioner is great! I have curly hair, and my second day hair has a tendency to be dry. After I use dry shampoo, I spray this on my ends, and it really helps my dryness.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner
I couldn’t tell a huge difference with this…I see it got great reviews, though.

Juicy Couture La La Malibu
I like the smell of this. It kind of reminds me of pink grapefruit!

Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight
Again, can’t tell a huge difference!

Harney and Sons Fine Teas
I had heard about the teas they send out, that some people hate getting them. I am a huge tea drinker. I got a sample of their Bangkok tea, and of the green tea with mint. LOVE THEM! The Bangkok tea has coconut, ginger and lemongrass, and I am definitely ordering some! The green tea was yummy, too!

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What number box did you get this month and what was in it? If you don’t subscribe (it’s only $10/month) and are interested in learning more, click here. Last I heard the wait list was only taking a few days (I’d love if someone could verify this though) so it might be a great time to join!


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