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Because my blog will be totally changing formats and may not be functioning properly this week, I am going to plan on this week being a catchup and planning week, and I will catch up on my posts starting next Monday.


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I am in the process of changing my blog design, and I may be looking a little crazy over the next week…I promise I will have everything looking pretty as soon as possible!


One Dollar Cottage

Baseball Mom Organization


This year I am doing a weekly series every Monday on organizing. There is a great book that I found on Amazon, organize now, by Jennifer Ford Berry. The thing I really love about this book is that it is broken up in to weeks. There is a project for every week of the year, plus a few more. I am doing all of the weekly challenges this year, but I am changing the order up a bit.

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Friday Favorites and the Secret to a Happy Marriage…


Maybe it isn’t exactly the secret to a happy marriage. It is more like “The Secret to Happy Special Occasions.”

What is the secret? The Amazon Wish List.

So far my husband has batted a thousand on gift giving. Why? Because he knows what I want. Why? Because I keep an Amazon Wish List.

The thing is magic. No matter what website you are on, you can add items to your wish list. Want something that isn’t on the internet? No problem! They have sticky notes where you can just fill in what you want. It is wonderful.

I am kind of weird when it comes to gifts. I don’t want typical girly gifts. And I don’t want just any thing, I want a SPECIFIC thing. All my poor sainted husband has to do is go in to my list, and order away, and voila! Happy wife, happy life!

So anyway, last Sunday was my wedding anniversary. My dear husband is far away in Saudi Arabia. All he had to do was log in to my Amazon, use my Prime account for two day free shipping, and my presents were delivered like magic!

My favorite gift was a new laptop, a MacBook Air. He got me a bunch of other things, but there are two that I really want to recommend.

First is a Jo Totes camera bag. I got a new camera for Christmas (from Amazon) and didn’t really like the stock camera bag that came with it. This thing is gorgeous.

It is my favorite color, and it looks great. It is HUGE, and you can put tons of extra stuff in there.

The second is my Soda Stream. I am on a diuretic, and drink a ton of water every day. This thing is making it more fun! We have syrups of regular drinks for the boys.


The drinks taste amazingly like name brand soda. I wanted to say cokes, but I know that would be confusing to those of ya’ll not from the south where we call all carbonated beverages “coke.” I love the diet options, especially the grapefruit and orange mango. It tastes like those sugar free Ice drinks. They also have diet soda…coke, Dr. Pete, cream soda, ginger ale, root beer, cherry coke, grape, orange, soda mist… I also love to carbonate a bottle, and then add Dasani or Crystal Light drops.

When I buy 2 liters of soda, I almost alway throw out at least half the bottle. It always seems to go flat before the boys drink it all. The bottles also take up a lot of space. I like being able to make 1 liter at a time. It is also great to keep ginger ale syrup. When my family members are sick, they always want ginger ale, and I have to run to the store to get it. If I keep some ginger ale syrup (hidden away) I will have some on demand! With teenaged boys, it is nice to have all of these different flavors on hand for when we have guests!

Happy Weekend!

The State of the House

I had a friend ask me, ” What the heck is a one dollar cottage?”

Good question.

One Dollar Cottage was originally started as a blog to document the restoration of our house. It has since taken over my antiques business, and my blog has expanded as well.

This all started two years ago. My mother was in the hospital having back surgery. My husband came over at lunch time to come sit with me and my father, and asked me, “Have you ever noticed that house up on the hill by the dam on Highway 14?”

He drove me over there. This is what I saw…


It was love at first sight. Just like the first time I saw my husband, of course!

The house was abandoned and vandalized. The house is three stories, plus a cellar. You could tell by the finishes of the house that this was no ordinary farmhouse. The people that built it had money. I started doing some research, and lo and behold! The house has its own website and a Wikipedia! Incorrect, of course.

My husband located the owner. The owner had no interest in the house, just in the commercial value of the property it sat on, so my husband negotiated with him to buy the house itself, for one dollar, and move it.

On Mother’s Day 2012, my husband told me I was now the proud owner of “One Dollar Cottage!”

We fell in love with it before we knew that it was listed on the National Historic Registry, but now that we know we are even more dedicated to restoring the house to its former glory.

I won’t go in to a detailed history of the house, I will just hit the high points! The house was built in 1880 for the president of Pelham Manufacturing, Arthur Barnwell. The Barnwells are a very old South Carolina family, from the Low Country. There is an Arthur Barnwell plantation near Beaufort, and they owned one of the homes on the Battery in Charleston.

The house was next owned by Barnwell’s son-in-law, Macmillan King. Then the house was owned by the family that would have it the longest, the DeCamps family. Sometimes the house is referred to as the Barnwell-DeCamps House. From what I can determine, they owned the house for almost 50 years. The family moved to Beaufort for a time, and they came back in the 1950’s. This picture was taken when they came back, and the house had its first restoration. This is the earliest photograph of the house that I am aware of.

After the restoration, it looked like this…


Then the family moved away again, and the house was occupied by caretakers until the 1970’s. The Williams family purchased the house, and once again the house was restored. Lee Williams is the one who underwent the lengthy process of having the house listed on the National Register, in March 1982. This is how the house looked after the Williams restoration…






The Williams family had to relocate to Oklahoma, and the house was sold to the Cordovano family. The house underwent another change…


And then the Newsome family got her! When we got her she looked like this…

The first thing we had to figure out was where we were going to move this thing.

You can’t plop a 4500 square foot Queen Anne Victorian just anywhere. It had to look like it belonged there. And it had to be a large enough piece of property. And it couldn’t be far away, because moving pieces of a huge house is not an easy feat.

We finally found some property a couple of miles away.

We worked on getting the house ready to be moved all during the summer of 2012. All five chimneys had to be disassembled, and all of them were three stories tall.


Then we disassembled the foundations.


Then we cleaned and stacked the brick from the chimneys and the foundation. That is a LOT of brick, let me tell you.


We removed any mantles, doors, and shutters that we could. We removed marble from fireplaces, found the pieces of the bannister that vandals had destroyed, window weights that remained, and anything else we could find.

Then the house mover started cutting the house in to 10 pieces, and it came apart.



And then it moved…


We laid out the foundation…


Dug the root cellar and poured the footings…


And then it started to rain. And it didn’t stop all summer. And my house sat there in pieces. The ground was just too wet to get any equipment in to finish the job. Sigh.

The house mover came to put it back together, and discovered that after sitting there for so long, some beams needed to be replaced before everything could be reattached. Now that is done!

The house mover will now be coming back, and I should have more interesting news soon!


Angel Chicken

Photo from Southern Plate

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christy Jordan and Southern Plate. I love her website, and I love her cookbooks.

As a southern woman, I love her recipes because she cooks like I cook, and cooks the things that my family loves. If you are looking for fancy schmancy “foodie” food, she may not be your cup of tea. If you are looking for simple, family friendly food, or want to learn to cook southern style, she is your girl!

This is an absolutely delicious, slow cooker meal that is great for a regular family meal, or could be dressed up for company. I had planned to make this for me and my two sons last night, but it ended up being just two of us. I usually make pasta for the rest of the family to serve with this, and because I limit my carbs, I just spoon it in to a bowl. Since it was just me and Cooper, I served it with salad and fresh strawberries. Since I didn’t serve it up pretty, I am just using Christy’s picture…I hope she doesn’t mind!

My family likes things kind of spicy, so I added some Cajun seasoning, and I did use the wine instead of the broth. In her picture you can see that she used chicken tenders…I used chicken breasts and just shredded them up with two forks when it was done. That’s the way I roll, always a rebel…

I have a printable copy of this recipe here

The link to her post on this recipe is here

Angel Chicken
From Southern Plate

1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
2 packets Italian Dressing Mix Powder (0.7 ounces each)
1 cup White wine (you can substitute chicken broth)
2 cans golden mushroom soup
8 ounces cream cheese
16 ounce box angel hair pasta (entire box)
2-3 lbs frozen or thawed boneless skinless chicken breasts or chicken tenderloins (the more you use, the more this feeds)
Sliced mushrooms (optional)
Cajun seasoning (optional)

Mix butter, italian dressing mix, wine or broth, soup, and cream cheese in a sauce pot on top of stove.

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until melted and well mixed.

(Spray slow cooker with cooking spray!)

Place chicken in slow cooker. Pour sauce over. (I sprinkled mine liberally with Cajun seasoning.)

Cook on low for 6 -7 hours. (You could add some fresh sliced mushrooms to this with about an hour left to go.)

Before serving, cook pasta according to package directions, drain.

To Serve Family Style: Arrange pasta in 9×13 dish and place chicken on top. Pour all sauce over.

For Individual Servings: Place pasta on plate. Top with chicken. Spoon sauce over.

Serve hot.


Junk Report…3/4/14

Once again, this crappy weather is killing my junking. It was kind of sleeting Saturday morning. If my honey was home, I might have braved it, but going junking alone in the cold rain just wasn’t looking too appealing.

I went to Goodwill on Sunday afternoon. I found a few good things, but it was pretty slim pickings. Of course, I spent less than ten dollars, so what the heck!


1. Vintage Pyrex trivets (only one was marked, and she gave me all three for the price of one!)
2. Basket (any time I find old looking baskets, I buy them)
3. Framed needlepoint cardinal (I had to get this, my grandmother loved red birds)
4. Cute vintage creamer (the flowers on it are my favorite color, turquoise)
5. 2 milkglass spice jars, cinnamon and thyme
6. Books: Kovel’s Collectibles Guide, Field Guide to American Architecture, This Old House

Not too bad, considering, I guess!

Happy junking!