Friday Favorites and the Secret to a Happy Marriage…


Maybe it isn’t exactly the secret to a happy marriage. It is more like “The Secret to Happy Special Occasions.”

What is the secret? The Amazon Wish List.

So far my husband has batted a thousand on gift giving. Why? Because he knows what I want. Why? Because I keep an Amazon Wish List.

The thing is magic. No matter what website you are on, you can add items to your wish list. Want something that isn’t on the internet? No problem! They have sticky notes where you can just fill in what you want. It is wonderful.

I am kind of weird when it comes to gifts. I don’t want typical girly gifts. And I don’t want just any thing, I want a SPECIFIC thing. All my poor sainted husband has to do is go in to my list, and order away, and voila! Happy wife, happy life!

So anyway, last Sunday was my wedding anniversary. My dear husband is far away in Saudi Arabia. All he had to do was log in to my Amazon, use my Prime account for two day free shipping, and my presents were delivered like magic!

My favorite gift was a new laptop, a MacBook Air. He got me a bunch of other things, but there are two that I really want to recommend.

First is a Jo Totes camera bag. I got a new camera for Christmas (from Amazon) and didn’t really like the stock camera bag that came with it. This thing is gorgeous.

It is my favorite color, and it looks great. It is HUGE, and you can put tons of extra stuff in there.

The second is my Soda Stream. I am on a diuretic, and drink a ton of water every day. This thing is making it more fun! We have syrups of regular drinks for the boys.


The drinks taste amazingly like name brand soda. I wanted to say cokes, but I know that would be confusing to those of ya’ll not from the south where we call all carbonated beverages “coke.” I love the diet options, especially the grapefruit and orange mango. It tastes like those sugar free Ice drinks. They also have diet soda…coke, Dr. Pete, cream soda, ginger ale, root beer, cherry coke, grape, orange, soda mist… I also love to carbonate a bottle, and then add Dasani or Crystal Light drops.

When I buy 2 liters of soda, I almost alway throw out at least half the bottle. It always seems to go flat before the boys drink it all. The bottles also take up a lot of space. I like being able to make 1 liter at a time. It is also great to keep ginger ale syrup. When my family members are sick, they always want ginger ale, and I have to run to the store to get it. If I keep some ginger ale syrup (hidden away) I will have some on demand! With teenaged boys, it is nice to have all of these different flavors on hand for when we have guests!

Happy Weekend!