Butterfinger Cake

My mother-in-law is awesome. She has many attributes and talents, but most of her family would probably say the finest of these qualities is her cooking. My in-laws live in Florida from October to June, then come home for the summer, and while she is here my mother-in-law cooks Sunday dinner for around 20 people every Sunday. Everyone goes to church, then we all meet up at Grandma’s house around 12:30. The meat varies, but she almost always has macaroni and cheese, okra, green beans, creamed corn and rolls.

That is my mother and father-in-law, with my son in the background, on the Peace River in Florida last spring break. I feel like I should do more to help her, but no one really wants to eat anyone’s cooking but hers! So I take a dessert. Since John and I got married I have figured out through trial and error what goes over well and what doesn’t. Refrigerator cakes, eclairs ( you know the ones with graham crackers), banana pudding, and apple dumplings always go over well.
This week I am being lazy. It is almost 4pm, and I don’t feel like going to the store, so I am using what I have on hand. Minus one ingredient, which I will buy on the way home from church in the morning. ┬áBy the way, aren’t my Dollar Store placemats cute?

Butterfinger Cake
I box yellow cake mix
I can sweetened condensed milk
I jar caramel sauce
8 oz Cool Whip
Butterfinger candy bars

Make the cake as instructed on the box. When it is done, poke holes in it. Some people like to use forks or straws, but I have always used the end of a wooden spoon. Mix up the sweetened condensed milk and the caramel in a bowl.

Now pour that over the cake.

Now you wait. Cover the cake and put it in the fridge. I try to leave it to soak overnight, but it needs at least 4 hours. The next day crush up the candy bars. I put them in a ziploc bag and smash them with a hammer. Scatter half all over the caramel on the cake, spread the Cool Whip over that, then scatter the other half of the candy on the top. Voila!