Junk Report…3/4/14

Once again, this crappy weather is killing my junking. It was kind of sleeting Saturday morning. If my honey was home, I might have braved it, but going junking alone in the cold rain just wasn’t looking too appealing.

I went to Goodwill on Sunday afternoon. I found a few good things, but it was pretty slim pickings. Of course, I spent less than ten dollars, so what the heck!


1. Vintage Pyrex trivets (only one was marked, and she gave me all three for the price of one!)
2. Basket (any time I find old looking baskets, I buy them)
3. Framed needlepoint cardinal (I had to get this, my grandmother loved red birds)
4. Cute vintage creamer (the flowers on it are my favorite color, turquoise)
5. 2 milkglass spice jars, cinnamon and thyme
6. Books: Kovel’s Collectibles Guide, Field Guide to American Architecture, This Old House

Not too bad, considering, I guess!

Happy junking!


Junk Report…February 2014

Oops…I did it again.  

I filled up the dining room again.  I went to the flea market and a couple of thrift stores, and this is what I came home with.

1. An assortment of vintage mason jars

2. An old blue medicine bottle

3. Assorted zinc and lightning jar lids

4. Fire King peach lustre chili bowl

5. Pyrex refrigerator dish with lid

6. Vintage Western Auto bicycle tire tube

7. Anchor Hocking salt and pepper set (the eleventh set in my collection, all exactly alike)

8. Cute pink Depression glass

9. McDonalds Snoopy glasses

10. Metal measuring cups like my grandmother’s

11. Monogrammed sterling silver belt buckle

12. Silver baby cup engraved “Karl Hans”

13. Sherbet glasses

14. Swanky swig

15. Bicentennial glasses

16. Milk glass mug

17. Jar lifter for canning

18. Pyrex trivet

19. Mystery wooden utensil

21. Pyrex carafes

22. Corning Ware percolator

23. Picture album


24. Vintage matchbooks

25. Jewelry box

26. Peerless windup mantle clock

27. Trinket box

28. Vintage poker sets

29. Chalkboard


30. Vintage photograph in old frame


31. A box of old beer cans


32. Vintage turkey platter

33. US army Medical plates feom WW II

34. Jelly glasses

35. Kromex coffee canister

Oh, and a pile of books.


I have some pricing to do!

Happy Junking! 



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