Cleaning Schedules

Let’s talk about cleaning. I can remember when I was growing up, my mother would do spring and fall cleaning. Now, there are things about being a military family that were good, some bad. Looking back, I realize that one good thing about moving every two years is that your house can only get so dirty!

Anyway. I am not down with the big cleaning. I theoretically agree with the cleaning methods that suggest that you keep a rotating schedule through the year. Note my use of “theoretically.” I love this idea, but I am not great at sticking to it. Everyone has their preference, and you just need to find one you like, and stick to it as best you can!

Here are some of the best methods:

Flylady: Flylady uses a Zone method, with detailed printable lists.

Home Routines: this is an app that I have on my iPad. You can adapt this for Flylady or any other routine you like.

Time Warp Wife: everyone must already know how much I love her daily and weekly schedules.

Clean Mama: I really love this website. She had awesome schedules, printables, tips…if it is about housekeeping, she has it covered!

iDream of Clean: this is great website that has 31-day challenges…

Organized Home: this website has been around a long time, and is a great resource for printables, cleaning schedules, and tips on household notebooks.

Somewhat Simple: she has an adorable cleaning box she made with tasks on cards inside…

You can check out my Pinterest board on Home Management for more ideas…

Kids’ Routines

Kids’ Control Journal

Today was the perfect day to prove to me how important the routines in my control journal are. I am one of those people who can usually get by without an alarm clock. I set one anyway, but almost every day I am awake before it goes off. My teenaged son had to wake me up this morning! He was up on time, and when he got out of the shower he noticed I wasn’t up yet! Yikes!
Thank goodness for the fact that I had most of the boys’ lunches packed except for the sandwiches, the coffee made, the kitchen clean, backpacks and musical instruments by the door, clothes laid out….even though I was running almost 30 minutes behind, everything still went smoothly.
By showing everyone my routines, I don’t want anyone to think that this is how things actually run at my house! The routines in my control journal are just how my day would run if everything was perfect! Every single day things happen that throw me off schedule. I try really hard to stick to them as closely as possible, but I don’t think I have ever had a single day that went totally according to plan.
I showed you my daily plan on Day Two, and my weekly plan on Day Three. I have applied the same plan to my lucky sons!

I have told you how I used the Flylady system. She even has a downloadable control journal for kids! I tried it with my boys, and I don’t think it lasted an entire day. I have tried binders, clipboards, checklists on the fridge…I finally gave it up. I keep a copy of their routines in my control binder, and I check it off for them. Routines are a great way for kids to learn to be organized and responsible! Not to mention the fact that it helps them get their mom up on time when they are on schedule and she isn’t! Here is a copy of their control journal if you would like to try it for yourself!

Daily Routine

Day two!
OK. So yesterday I talked about getting your supplies together. The Flylady has her own series on how to set up your control journal, and you can find it here. Mine started out exactly like hers, but it has changed over the years. Her dividers are:
Daily routines and reminders
Basic weekly plan
Menus and grocery list
Address book
Personal section
Emergency numbers

Whereas mine are:
Daily (my daily routines)
Weekly (my weekly routines)
Calendar (handouts and schedules for reference)
Shopping (my buy price lists and permanent checklists, more on this later)
Menus (monthly menu plans, more on this later)
Church (Bible reading lists, etc. )

You will have to decide what works for you.

Now we will get started on your first section: Daily Routines. What do you really need to do every day? Flylady has a whole section on setting up daily routines here. It is different for everyone. I have things that I do every morning, every evening, and every night before I go to bed.

Feed dogs and cat
Empty dishwasher
Make lunches
Make bed
Breakfast dishes
Thaw dinner
Put clothes in dryer
Garden chores
Pick up clutter
Clean sinks, and counters
Fold clothes
Get ready

Cook dinner
Dinner dishes
Start coffee
Sweep floor

Clear out hot spots (FROM “FLYLADY”)
Pick up living room
Shine kitchen sink and counter
Dishes in dishwasher
Lay out dishcloths
Start dishwasher
Start washer
Charge electronics

If I follow this plan, my life just runs a lot more smoothly. As you go about your day, make notes about what you are doing. I like to think about my family being able to use it to keep things going when I win a vacation in the Caribbean. For now, just write it down on a piece of notebook paper, one for each routine. I now have mine typed up and in page protectors. Then I just use a dry erase marker to check them off, and I wipe them off at the end of the day.

Here is what my CJ looks like right now:


I had better get to it! Tomorrow we will work on setting up our Weekly Plan.

Here are some other great links about binders:
A Bowl Full Of Lemons Home Management Binder
i heart organizing household binder
The Nest Effect Home Management Binder
Clean Mama Homekeeping Binder


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