Getting Started with a Control Journal

Oh, no! It is already October 1st, which means it is time for the “31 Days Of…” challenge from the nester to start, which means it is time for me to start blogging daily on the topic I chose. My control journal. What the heck is that?
I have found that the best way for me to deal with my ADD is to have routines. Years ago I found the Flylady system, and I adopted most of her systems, and have tweaked them until they work for me. Of all of the “systems” I use, I would have to say that hers is the cornerstone. The control journal is called a lot of things in the blog world…control journal, household binder….whatever you call it, the principle is the same. It is a place to store your routines.
My challenge for myself is for me to follow my routines every day for the month of October. As I do this, I will be showing you how to make your own control journal.
Here is my brain:

This bag is how I keep my life running. The tote is from Thirty-one, and I have at least six of these bags that I use for all sorts of things around my house.

This is what is in my bag:
My control journal
My blog binder
My Next Action file
My receipt file for my business
My Erin Condren planner
My brain dump notebook
My camera, hard drive, post it notes, price tags, tape, measuring tape, Swiss Army knife, and a pouch with markers, scissors, computer cables, scissors, pens, pencils…
My favorite color is turquoise, so I absolutely love the Martha Stewart Avery line at Staples. I found a great coupon at My Frugal Adventures for 50% off, and I have actually used six of these in one transaction!
So get yourself a binder. It doesn’t have to be pretty for now, just a binder. Here is a starter list:
• A binder
• Some paper
• Dividers
• Sheet protectors
• Dry erase markers
• A calendar
• A pouch for your notebook for pens and stuff
Tomorrow we will start on our routines!