Junk Report…3/4/14

Once again, this crappy weather is killing my junking. It was kind of sleeting Saturday morning. If my honey was home, I might have braved it, but going junking alone in the cold rain just wasn’t looking too appealing.

I went to Goodwill on Sunday afternoon. I found a few good things, but it was pretty slim pickings. Of course, I spent less than ten dollars, so what the heck!


1. Vintage Pyrex trivets (only one was marked, and she gave me all three for the price of one!)
2. Basket (any time I find old looking baskets, I buy them)
3. Framed needlepoint cardinal (I had to get this, my grandmother loved red birds)
4. Cute vintage creamer (the flowers on it are my favorite color, turquoise)
5. 2 milkglass spice jars, cinnamon and thyme
6. Books: Kovel’s Collectibles Guide, Field Guide to American Architecture, This Old House

Not too bad, considering, I guess!

Happy junking!


Weekly Junk Report…10/29/12

I had a great week for shopping! No furniture, but I got a ton of smalls. I found an old army blanket for my son, Cooper, in mint condition, and John found a vintage 5 gallon milk can, definitely the largest item of the week. I am sorry to say that I am keeping most of it instead of taking it to my booth…sorry, honey!

See the set of 10 vintage banana split dishes? And I found the covered Churchill Blue Willow casserole for $5!

I found this complete 3-piece Shirley Temple breakfast set:

Lots of pyrex bowls, plates, and Fire King:

I love this 1950’s cast iron birdbath I got for $2…

I love these vintage Knowles plates for $1…

This enameled brass picture frame I found for $1.25, and I swear it weighs 2 pounds…

I might actually make bread in this huge McCoy bowl:

I found a fabulous Villeroy and Boch Mettlach cake plate for $2 to add to my white plate collection:

This little cup says, “juice for good teeth”…

One last thing I will bore you with. This is an antique poker chip holder that rotates and has a lid! The chips are awesome colors!


Pretty good haul!

Happy Monday!